Guilt, Grief, and Honoring the Dead

We might improve our understanding about grief's supposedly destructive features. Guilt keeps memory alive. We sure as hell don't forget feeling personally responsible for someone's premature death, rather than having pulled them back from destruction. There are so many ways to die and so many times for dying, but once dead there's no more chances … Continue reading Guilt, Grief, and Honoring the Dead


Getting Too Much of Minimalism

We're here! We're poor! We're NOT GOING SHOPPING! Protest rally cry at OWS (Occupy Wall Street) and Other Capitalism Friction Spots Ads and Media say, "You're no good as you are now". Minimalism's retort: "There's NOTHING you lack". Then Madison Ave. sells us packaged Minimalism. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world … Continue reading Getting Too Much of Minimalism

The Comedy of Medication Errors

I don't push medications but will support you if you're unsure, insecure, even frightened of them. I'll guide your giving it and strengthen confidence in its helping effect, but also support your reasons for not automatically reaching for pharmaceutical solutions. Should we take a medication, or not? Two reasons for giving medication are especially needed … Continue reading The Comedy of Medication Errors

Mother Gets the Dreadful Phlegms

I can't breathe Manuel Ellis, Edward Bronstein, Eric Gardner, George Floyd... Anything amiss with a human airway is potentially deadly, we seem born knowing. You'd think, unlike these dead men from policing tragedies who prove the contrary, that opening their closed airways was important enough that they would suddenly pay attention and instantly cooperate while … Continue reading Mother Gets the Dreadful Phlegms