When Nurses Can’t Call a Doctor

In my time there went a woman begging about this Cittie, who had a Coffin carried with her, and oftentimes she fell into those Hystericall fits, and would lye so long in them, nothing differing from a dead carkasse, till the wonted time of her reviving. Hence it may * be came the Proverbe, Thou … Continue reading When Nurses Can’t Call a Doctor


An American Drive To Escape

Late into his sensitive essay about American literature, Wendell Berry describes an escapism fault line that he thinks betrays the integrity of Huckleberry Finn's ending. After re-reading Finn and considering Berry's point, I thought some more about all the American literature I've read and still read. An American impulse of escape certainly ends Mark Twain's … Continue reading An American Drive To Escape

We (Don’t Really) Honor Veterans

Nationalists do not venerate veterans. They venerate veterans who read from the approved patriotic script. America is the greatest and most powerful country on earth. Those we fight are depraved barbarians. Our enemies deserve death. God is on our side. Victory is assured. Our soldiers and Marines are heroes. Deviate from this cant, no matter … Continue reading We (Don’t Really) Honor Veterans

Dying, Procrastinating, and Other Provocations

What, contemplating mortality again? Oh, please. Leave that to the sad Ancients. They had no internet, TV, 24/7 ramen delivery. Consider their literature? Come on, no one outside of Academia is reading Cicero, Marcus Aurelius, Plutarch, or even secondhand sources like Montaigne. Could you imagine something from Marcus Aurelius in an election mailer? Political Trash … Continue reading Dying, Procrastinating, and Other Provocations

An Idea Is Not A Practice

Ideas get us into trouble. Even good ones. From this blog's subject file, I find several ideas that have caused and continue to cause me trouble once I reach out to realize them. Consider ideas about love, marriage, physical fitness, or weight reduction. What about meditation, representative democracy, hydrocarbon, or tech dependency? Or consider economic … Continue reading An Idea Is Not A Practice

On Body Shame: When You “Would Rather Die!”

How Seeing Leads Sneeches To Desire I stand and assist on the clean side of a 90-year-old woman with late stage 4 cancer who, in her home hospital bed, is being turned toward me. Meanwhile, I try calming her 70-year-old son who is swearing. His curses string along, and they come out loud. He is … Continue reading On Body Shame: When You “Would Rather Die!”